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October 05, 2011


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It is interesting why Mizzou would be required to sign a six-year contract if it joined the SEC, what difference is made to sign any contract especially in light of A&M's departure from the Big 12 after it had a 13-year contract with the Big 12. I suppose their honor code or military code remains intact, but apparently it is all right to lie and break a contract.

Spun to the texas readers. BYU in the mix? BYU might be the big 12's only option

My prediction: Big 12 will add BYU and Boise St (ideal travel partners, recently signed a deal together through 2023 - a budding rivalry?) along with Air Force. I think it makes more sense. Air Force is no pushover in football, adds national appeal and brings Colorado back in the mix. Then Missouri should stay. If for some reason MU still bolts I think TCU comes aboard as Texas schools get over the objections realizing it'd be more about keeping the conference strong. Problem solved.

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