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October 23, 2011


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Go to 12. Add Louisville and Cinncy too. BYU is kind of a snooze. Hey, some Big 12 schools might snag a few recruits out of Ohio.

Poor reporting as it has been all over the news about the Big East 27 month departure rule ! No Big East team will be joining the Big 9 anytime soon because of it(the earlist would be 2014). This doesn't help Bevo operate at the 10 team TV contract minimum !

Who ever wrote this column doesn't check the ratings to often. I understand that this is about Football but look at top 5 in TV ratings for basketball. Louisville is at the top as well as for the last 20 years been in the top for basketball attendance. UofL basketball revenue is near the top with some football schools. There are UL alumni in South Florida than there are fans of South Florida. Do your research before you write some BS BLOG!

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