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October 25, 2011


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Dear Big 12 Expansion Committee

Why are you reactive instead of proactive??

Don't wait for Missouri to leave invite them to leave by announcing the "NEW and IMPROVED Big 12" by inviting West Virginia, Louisville and BYU!

TCU, West Virginia, Louisville and BYU have had more success and higher BCS rankings (collectively) than Nebraska, Colorado, Texas A&M and Missouri (collectively) since the BCS was formed - thus the conference would be "NEW and IMPROVED"!

Think about the basketball conference: Kansas, Texas, Louisville & West Virginia beats or challenges the ACC (Duke, North Carolina, Syracuse & Pitt) or the (basketball only) Big East (UConn, Georgetown, Villanova & Notre Dame).

ps - you would also stop confusing school children and be "True" to your name the Big "12"

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