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March 14, 2012


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Outrageous that s coach, a person whose whole career revolves around the development of kids, would have so little regard for his own. If I was the mom there would never have been a conversation.

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Way to go, Mom. let your kids know you'll bail on them when someone else tells you what's important. Dad's a jerk, sure, but why would this woman give up what a chance to support her child during what could be a life changing moment? There's plenty of time to 'support' her adult husband in his career (why does he even need that from her?) - time's running out on your children being around all the time. D****bags - both of them.

Clearly both parents would like to be there with their children. Family's get separated all the time when sports are involved. This is one of the greatest moments in his life and to not have his wife there with him? Not to downplay SDSU, but, there is a greater chance his sons will have another game(it's only first round and they are favored)than SDSU will have a second. It's her moment too, their lives had been through the ringer at one time, when this program was at it's all-time low. I won't sit by and let the kind of person Coach Nagy is be disparaged because of one blurb. He is a deeply devout family man, 5 children, one an adopted Haitian girl. He helps raise awareness of shoeless children by coaching barefoot for a couple games a year, where fans are urged to bring in pairs of shoes to be shipped overseas. Does volunteer work in Haiti. So, why don't you learn about a man first before you try to bring him down.

"Nagy's team plays its opening round game in the NCAA Tournament against Baylor on the same day that two of his sons will be competing in the South Dakota state basketball tournament. One of the sons, Nick, is a senior and could be playing his final HS game."

Wrong!! The sons last game will be Saturday (win or lose) and she will be there for that.

I like your blog,I absolutely agree with everything you’ve said it.

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