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April 19, 2012


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I hate those crappy numerals. They look like they were stenciled on the jerseys as an afterthought. Fis those and put more purple in the uni mix. The helmets are great!

I think the uniforms are great.

Didn't notice the numbers, they definitly need to be changed.

I'm curious why TCU seems to make changes to their uniforms. The Rose Bowl uniforms were perfect. They wore dark purple pants, black jerseys, purple helmets with TCU/along with the horned frog, on each side. I was at the game and many friends that watched the game on tv commented on how much they liked what TCU wore that day. Many other schools like UT, OU, USC, Alabama, Auburn, LSU,Penn State, and more have chosen a traditional style and stuck with it.

Sorry, I meant to say that TCU seems to make changes to their uniforms 'every year'.

i don't like the new uniforms at all. the helmets are ok but the frog needs to go back on them. I am one who does not like the use of black with our colors which are supposed to be purple and white. we change each year and look like the rest. Traditional uniforms are good too.

Hate the change from '10.

Here's what we need:
Jerseys: (all with HORNED FROGS across the chest)
-'10 Purple home jersey w/black sleeves (White letters)
-'10 solid White away jersey (purple letters)
-'11 solid Black Rose Bowl jersey (white)
Pants: Purple. White, Black, Horned Frog gray
Helmets: Shiny Purple, Shiny White, '09 PC, '10 PC (all with TCU and HF logo)

The frog is a dumb looking 90s cartoon. Thank God it is gone. Purple & Black are the colors of the GP era. I'm fine with purple & black over purple & white.

I don't like the numbers. They seem to be broken, and TCU colors are PURPLE and WHITE not Black. Like the helmets, but sure wish there was more purple. Fans are asked to wear purple to the games , why not the football team?

I like the uniforms except for the silver helmet. Dan Jenkins said it best when he said that silver helmets were chickenshit!

I am all about them. I love all white uniforms as much as the next guy, but I also like the combo of Purple/Black a lot more than Purple/White.

The stenciled numbers look cheap.
More purple less black on uniforms.

Numerals suck, the rest....meh.

They look great, some people just hate change...

They change them so often because TCU is not a brand name school. The new jerseys help make up for that. That being said, I think that they look good. Better than their old ones in 2008 and before.

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