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April 05, 2012


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I don't know if Dixon will go to TCU or if he will will even be approached, but never, ever think the Frogs can not afford him. They have plenty of money and well heeled alums that will come up with the cash if necessary. Someone like TCU alum Dixon is what is needed to get people to care about basketball. There are currently only three sports seasons at TCU....football, baseball, and spring football. This needs to change.

TCU probably won't sniff another BCS game. Could possibly? but they just went from a D conference to a round robin in an A conference. JMT

It will be interesting to hear how Trent Johnson explains why he’s leaving LSU for TCU. Comparing these two basketball jobs isn’t close. LSU has a rich history in the sport. And here we have a sports gift for him:)

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