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April 23, 2012


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I guess a coach from a school in Lubbock, TX, a place that no one cares about and a team that only a few more people care about, would think that a school in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX area, a place that bleeds burnt orange and a team that literally NO ONE in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex cares about, is a great addition to the conference.

Jeez, Dave, I'd say you bled way too much Burnt Orange; feeling a little light headed are we?

BYU, duh!

Classy comment Dave! Beleive it or not, Tech has the second largest alumni base in DFW. Maybe your too busy hating to notice?

People in Dallas dont bleed burnt orange...they bleed hair dye and credit card debt.

Dave is obviously a know little.. Tech is on the rise. Hello tier 1

Dave sounds like a horn-wanna-be. Probably never stepped foot on The 40 Acres, but yet is a UT "super fan"...such hate from a little man....

T-shirt Fan...no doubt

The Small 12 had a chance to invite Boise State, but they didn't have the balls to risk losing games.

"Big" teams pretend it was about money, but that's only a minor issue. It's about earning credibility on the field - once a team wins games against "big" teams, that credibility can't be taken away. But if teams never get the chance to play, they never get to win.

Texas Tech wishes they could even sell 'shirts' to 'fans'


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