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February 23, 2007

A Young lesson

Apparently something good did come of Vince Young’s wonderlic fiasco of a year ago.

The former Texas quarterback caught a lot of flak last year for reportedly scoring a six on the Wonderlic exam given at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Young disputed the results and eventually retook the exam. But the controversy was enough too much for the brass at the University of Texas.

  According to running back Selvin Young, one of eight Texas players at the combine this year, a counselor put Wonderlic Tests in everyone’s locker shortly after last year’s combine. He said he has taken the Wonderlic at least five times and will be ready for the test. But as recent graduate of Texas, he said he will be ready anyway.

  Of course, what he also learned is that the test doesn’t mean a whole lot in terms of football, considering that Vince Young was picked third overall by the Titans last year and went on to win NFL rookie of the year honors.

-Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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