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February 21, 2007

Mel Kiper sez

ESPN draft czar Mel Kiper has the perfect choice for the Cowboys with their first-round pick -- Florida safety Reggie Nelson.

The Cowboys draft No. 22 and Nelson could be in their sights as a possible fix-it guy for their coverage issues. Maybe Cowboys fans should hope Nelson has only mediocre workouts because he could climb out of their reach if he impresses at the combine.

``He can be an ideal fit for the Dallas Cowboys,’’ Kiper said on a national conference call Wednesday. ``Nelson is such a great cover guy, so instinctive. He would be a great fit for Dallas to be next to Roy Williams, who’s in the box and a tough, hard-nosed safety.’’

Nelson, a junior, is 5-foot-11 and 198 pounds with hard-hitting ability elite coverage skills. (It’s possible to do both?)

If the Cowboys pick Nelson, it could be a sign they have pretty much given up on Patrick Watkins (fifth-round pick last year) being the starter after one year.

Kiper also said Oklahoma’s Adrian Peterson could drop some jaws during his workouts. Kiper also noted that Texas cornerback Aaron Ross will be the highest Longhorn drafted.

-- Rick Herrin


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