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March 02, 2007

Cowboys kicker

The Cowboys remain in negotiations with the agent who represents kicker Martin Gramatica. No deal appears imminent. Not just yet.

The Cowboys would like to bring Gramatica back, but no more Mike Vanderjagt-type deals for any more kickers. Don't expect the Cowboys to pay big money for another kicker.

It was Vanderjagt who signed a $2.5 million signing bonus around this time a year ago and his time with the Cowboys was a flop. He was cut and replaced by Gramatica, who hit the game-winner against the Giants in New York in December.

Gramatica wants to come back.

"I felt at home. But I have to make a decision," he said. "I have a family, a son, so I have to do what's best for them. I had a great experience with the Cowboys and I felt right at home. It was the change in air I needed after I left Tampa, so I want to come back."

- Mac Engel


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