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April 28, 2007

here we go

At long last, the Cowboys selected another player.

With their second pick of the day, they picked Boston College OT James Marten in the third round.

That should be it for the day. But you never know.

- Mac Engel


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I changed my mind.

I didn't realize the Cowboys got Cleveland's 2008 first round pick. In that case, this deal is a win-win situation.

Brady goes to his favorite NFL team since his boyhood. Cleveland gets 2 players they considered picking 3rd, and the Cowboys get a strong defensive player and 2 first round picks next year.

I would have taken Brady Quinn. I believe that Romo is going to be a great franchise quarterback, but he still hasn't played a full season.

Quinn could have be a great insurance policy and great trade bait in the future.

In my opinion, the Cowboys really made a mistake. But I do have a draft the best player mentality.

hypothetically lets say romo is a bust this season. its still okay we didn't pick brady...dallas gets a second chance....we have two first round picks in 08'. and we all know dallas will get a high first rounder next season. remember cleveland plays in the afc north. lets say brady is a bust, great move by dallas. lets say romo and brady both succeed in the nfl. still a great move by dallas. we weren't looking for a quarterback today anyways. dallas gets everything they wanted and more. great move jerry.

Fabulous Trade - what a steal. We get to capitalize on the burnout of the Notre Dame hype machine - and likely get a top 5 pick next year out of it! Additionally, we get an early 2nd rounder - where we can address what the team really needs.

Why the negativity on Romo? I am far more suspect of Quinn's ability to "pan out" - he has Rick Mirer written all over him. The last thing Dallas needs is a rookie QB to take the helm. Let him rot....er....prosper in Cleveland.

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