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July 31, 2007

Greg Ellis and Jerry Jones finally talk

Beleaguered linebacker Greg Ellis and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones talked for about an hour on Monday, Ellis confirmed Tuesday evening.

The conversation has been a long time coming since Ellis has been trying to talk with Jones about a new contract for more than two months.

Ellis wouldn't give any details about the conversation, but did say something could be happening by Friday.

Mac Engel


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Lets just say Ellis , do not play , because of contract reasons . And we end up in the same boat , in the first six games , like we were in the last six games ,from last year . Because , i just don't belive adding two people , ( coach phillips and spenser ) , is going to fix our pass rushing problem , when we threw like five or six guys at it last year, linbackers and ends and it didn't work . What would people be saying then , give Ellis his money , like they where saying back in 1993 about E. Smith .

Unfortunately we are witnessing one of the ugly scenerios of the life of a NFL player. Greg Ellis has been an outstanding player and a leader for the Cowboys since being drafted. Just an outstanding citizen and consistantantly good player. Now he want to restructure his contract after coming off of a devastating injury at the age of 32. It likely will not happen... Now look at the other side of the coin, please. What do we say, think, and write about the players who hold out of training camps etc. due to contract negotiations and so forth. Most of the comments are negative ones about those who chose to do so. "LOYALTY DOE'S NOT PAY UNLESS IT IS TO ONE'S SELF" when it comes to doing business in this league from what I see.

Greg Ellis has been very important to the Cowboys. His injury, as others can attest, limits the end of the career. However, I would extend Ellis' contract for 2 years with an injury rider. No play, no more contract; however, there should be a healthy exit as he has given and will not hesitate to do the job as required.

If I was Jones I would not give Ellis one penny more than what he is currently making. Eillis voluntarily signed a seven year contract and is currently maknig $2.5 mil. Why would Jerry restructure? Nowithstanding, Ellis is coming off a major injury a lot earlier than the average player. Please, give me a break; I can't wait for Friday to see what the deal is.

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