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August 06, 2007


The Cowboys are clearly sick of each other. The largest - and easily the most entertaining - fight of camp broke out during the second practice on Monday.

During a blitz, running back Julius Jones picked up and effectively block safety Pat Watkins. But Watkins came back at Jones, and the two locked up before Jones slammed Watkins to the ground. Rookie fullback Deon Anderson came in for a few shots, and then it got really interesting when Watkins' helmet came off.

Defensive tackle Jay Ratliff cleared Watkins from the pile as the fight moved further away.

A few plays later, Jones and Watkins were still jawing at each other and Jones went so far as to throw the ball at him.

Jones ran off the field after practice without talking to reporters. Watkins said, "I felt like he violated me. I was running a blitz; I felt he tried to slam me. I asked, 'What was that about?' and he pushed me. Then it man law kicked in. You don’t put your hands on another man."

- Mac Engel


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Yeah ! Fight is OK all in the name of WINNING, that's just about winning as long as they can put up the fight against another jesey I'm fine with it.


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