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August 13, 2007

Thank you, Jerry

No one wants to hear about the poor media having to watch football practice in 100-degree heat. It's true that the majority of the media seeks for a shaded spot to watch the Cowboys hit themselves in this absurd heat.

All the while, the media salivates at this enclosed "suite" the Cowboys have built specifically added to watch practice at Valley Ranch. It's air conditioned. And the small structure is basically there to entertain sponsors, not the media.

But Cowboys owner Jerry Jones came to the rescue on Monday.  With about 20 minutes remaining in practice he invited us poor, pathetic media types to join him and watch in the air-conditioned goodness.

Props to linebacker Bradie James, though, who said as he walked off the field, "I saw y'all sittin' in there!"

Guilty as charged.

- Mac Engel


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