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August 16, 2007

T.O. late to practice

    You knew Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens couldn't go too long without making some news. Owens was late to the morning  practice against the Denver Broncos at Valley Ranch.

   Owens was several minutes late and coach Wade Phillips said the mattered had been handled during his afternoon press conference. Owens was stretching with strength and conditioning coach Joe Juraszek after practice had already started. One of the trainers also ran inside to get Owens a nutritional bar to eat while he was stretching. Late and an empty stomach?

   Rick Herrin


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Who cares if he was late. Leave the guy alone.

No big deal... I am so sick of hearing about T.O. this and T.O. that. Give the man a break... Not many people I know have not been late to work at least once in a while. Maybe he forgot to set his alarm before falling to sleep. Is that a remotely possibile?

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