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September 20, 2007

Jason Hatcher on his hometown

There are several Cowboys from Louisiana - Bradie James, Marcus Spears, etc. - but only one is from Jena. Cowboys defensive end Jason Hatcher was born and raised in Jena, a town currently in the headlines for all the wrong reasons: http://www.star-telegram.com/462/story/240477.html
Hatcher said he held a football camp in his hometown last summer. His wife is from Jena. They attended Jena High School. Some of his sisters and brothers still call Jena home.
"I do think about it. I hate it. I hate what’s going on. It will get better, though," Hatcher said. "That’s not my town. Not at all. That does not reflect my town. It’s not like people think it is. You have that everywhere, though. ..
Of course it’s weird to see it. I’m just waiting for things to move on and the town of


can move on and people can settle back with their lives. ... I haven’t talked to anyone back there yet. I was surprised to see that. It hurt me. I’m just ready to get it behind us. I’m hurting right now for the town. They don’t need that."

- Mac Engel


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