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September 20, 2007

Romo Home Game

Ax the idea that Tony Romo's unofficial homecoming game would be against Green Bay. Yes, Romo grew up a huge Brett Favre fan, but his hometown of Burlington, Wisc. is actually closer to Chicago than Green Bay.
Green Bay is about two hours away from Burlington, which is 30 miles south of Milwaukee, and Chicago is about 75 minutes. Give or take.
Sunday's has become the date for a lot of Romo family and friends to make the quick drive down to Chicago to see their hometown boy do well. He just hasn't been able to come up with a large number of tickets. And he doesn't expect to.
"I've turned the phone off this week. Just gonna' go play," Romo said. "Everyone wants to go to the game. I can't get that many tickets. I'm trying to get 10, but I probably won't even get that many."

- Mac Engel


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