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September 23, 2007

Witten the most patient of men

Normally the team hotel of any visiting NFL team is loaded with fans and autograph seekers. They often hang out in front of the hotel hoping to grab a player or two as they walk in the door. What I witnessed on Sunday morning at the Cowboys' team hotel reached a new low in taking advantage of the situation.
Cowboys tight end Jason Witten walked into the same elevator as myself, as well as an eldery woman.
"Are you Jason Witten?" she asked.
"Yes ma'am, tha'ts me," Witten responded.
"Can you sign something for me?" she asked.
"Sure. Sure," Witten said.
Remember, she said can you sign some thing.
The woman then pulled out about 10 or so glossy action photos of Witten. She went on and on about how these were for her grand children. I gave the woman a hard time and told Witten to expect the autographed photos to appear on E-Bay in less than an hour.
But Witten patiently signed every picture and listened to the woman talk.
Players may not always sign autographs - and Witten's experience on Sunday showed me a good reason why they don't stop for everyone - but when they do be sure not to ask too much from them.

- Mac Engel


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Don't ask to much for someone that I'm paying over $100 per ticket to watch play and makes +1M a year.


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