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October 10, 2007

Cowboys are the best team in the ... ever

Patriots coach Bill Belichick just concluded his conference call with the Fort Worth-Dallas area reporters. And after listening to him talk for about 10 minutes, it's obvious the Dallas Cowboys should not only go undefeated this season, but every season.
"They've been impressive in every phase of the game," the coach said. "Great offensive line. Tight ends are good. Running backs are good. Receivers are good. Quarterback is athletic. They've been able to throw the ball down the field. They have a lot of catch and run plays. Good on third downs. Good running the ball. They've been able to run out the clock on a couple teams. They keep the ball away. Running when they had to run it. Good inside close to the goal line been able to get the ball in. Think they're an outstanding offensive football team."
Then without missing a beat he continued,
"They're just as good on the defensive side of the ball. Haven't given up anything the last couple of weeks. They can rush the passer. They can stop the run. Turn the ball over. Got a lot of interceptions. Play sound defense. They are well coached. Tough, strong on the line of scrimmage. They pursue well. They have a lot of great players. They are well coached. They've got a good football team. They do eveyrthing well. That's why they are 5-0."
This is typical of Belichick; he's known to avoid saying much of anything except to heap Lou Holtz-type praise on every opponent he's prepares for.

- Mac Engel


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It's sounded like a mutual admiration society all week.
Moss quiet,Owen quiet. I really can't imagin Wade using a phrase like "black mark" about the camgate thing. Besides it didn't last long because it was nothing. If you want to spy, there are lots better ways to spy. That's about as low tech as having someone read the offensive co-ordinators lips on the sideline. Who would do that?
Personally I would plant someone listening to the sports commentators, especially Madden.
"Every time they line up like that, Moss gets the ball". Imagin that!

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