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October 15, 2007

Hoyte and Tank Johnson updates

* Fullback Oliver Hoyte, who missed yet another game with a neck injury, said he's ready to play. He also said the doctors have yet to clear him, mostly because they don't think he's strong enough yet.
With the bye coming up after this Sunday's game against the Vikings, don't be surprised if he sits out another game, too.

* The Tank Johnson case could get news today. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said last Monday in Buffalo that he would be reviewing the Johnson case early this week. There is a chance Goodell could reduce Johnson's eight-game suspension by two games, which means he could suit up against the Vikings.
If Johnson is going to be reinstated, the league would have to do it by Wednesday, when practice starts. The Cowboys could know by later today if they will have Johnson back earlier than they originally expected. When asked about it, Johnson didn't say a word. Not "no comment" or a "I don't know"; not one word.

- Mac Engel


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