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October 15, 2007

Interesting Observations From Belichik

The greatest coach in the history of organized sport, Patriots boss Bill Belichick, offered this anaylysis about the Cowboys one day after their blowout win in Irving.
"Well, look, (Marion) Barber is a great back. Julius Jones is a good back too," Belichick said.
He used the word "great" to describe Barber several times during the week leading up to the game, too. And he used the word "good" to describe Jones as well.
When asked if he would start Barber against the Vikings, Philips said, "They were both productive in this game and that's what we were looking for."
When asked the same question a second time he said, "They were both productive in this game. I don't think that would make a difference in our game overall."

-- Mac Engel


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The New England Patriots are who we thought they were. If you want to crown their ass, then crown their ass. We had them and let them off the hook. Dallas is not as good or as bad as we thought they were. Dallas needs to focus on fundamentals, blocking, tackling and reducing penalties. 12 penalties in one game is absurd, there is a lack of focus and discipline on that team.

Finally, Jason Garrett has to call a better game. You are not going to win a shootout with the Patriots. The Cowboys' strategy should have been to run the ball, try controlled, methodical drives to keep the Patriots off the field. This Patriots team is like the '49ers in the '80s or the Rams in the late 90s...unstoppable.

The last time I checked and offense cannot score if it is on the sideline.

Frankly, I like our RB tandem. I think it is potentially the best in the league. But you've got an interesting point. I know the DC.Com guys say "well do you want Jones closing out games?"

But that isn't the point. Jones does seem like a good back. I don't have a problem with Jones. Barber seems a little more special. Yes, why not start and finish Barber and use Jones throughout the game?

I don't think it would hurt anything.

I was much happier seeing Jones in the Backfield instead of Barber, but then again, I'm a patriots fan. :)

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