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October 15, 2007

Newman not 100 percent

Not long after suffering a tear in his plantar fascia during the preseason, Cowboys cornerback Terence Newman originally said he did not want to play unless he was 100 percent this season. He played with a bum knee during his second year, and as a result he did not play as well then as he did as a rookie.
This injury is obviously different, but that doesn't mean he's at full strength.
"I couldn't plant with that (injury). This one I can, it's just not as crisp as I'd always like," Newman said.
Asked if he was 100 percent, Newman paused before he said, "I cannot believe you would ask me that."
Sunday's game was the first time this season he did not require a pain-killing injection to play. And he said he came through OK.
The Cowboys would prefer to put Newman in the slot, but can't until defensive back Anthony Henry returns from his high ankle sprain.

- Mac Engel


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The time has come to bench Roy Williams. Six games and zero impact. His only attribute is hard tackles that hurt the opponent. That has not happened this year. We need a sure tackler and a good cover defensive back. Roy does not fit the profile so far this year.

Newman is starting to show a burst again, that's a good sign.

Here's the deal about this game, which everyone (national media) seems to acknowledge but refuses to look at positively.

Yes, Dallas was beaten. Yes, Dallas made mistakes. And Yes, New England played their best game of the season. They brought their A+ game, no question. And despite that, Dallas led 24-21 in the 3rd quarter and was marching toward a game tying score to begin the 4th (as the Patriots had not been stopping Dallas since the 2nd qtr) before the penalty ended it.

Look, Dallas can learn a lot from this experience and hopefully will be better for it. Nobody expected Dallas to win except Dallas. Others might have hoped it, but nobody expected it. This team is right where it needs to be, (sans TO and Crayton) eating a little humble pie, refocusing itself for Minnesota and hopefully, revitalizing itself over the bye week with the returns of Terry Glenn, Anthony Henry and Oliver Hoyte. Add the debut of Tank Johnson and I really like where Dallas is right now.

Progressing towards the playoffs and working to get better each week. Despite Galloway's comments, Dallas is not that far away and certainly not 21 points worse than the Patriots.

Anyone who thinks that does not know football and guarantee they wouldn't give u 18 in a rematch in Boston. That's reality Galloway, not looking at a final score and saying Dallas isn't in the same class as a recent 3-time Super Bowl championship team that added arguably the best receiver of this generation (the one after Rice).

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