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October 08, 2007

Roger Goodell on Wade Wilson

The five-game suspension served by Cowboys quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson ends after tonight's game against the Bills. And Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Wilson told him he'd be at the office when the team arrived home after the game.

But NFL commissioner Roger Goodell makes no apologies to the severity of the penalty.
Wilson was suspended five games for violating the league's drug policy. But Wilson openly questioned the severity of the penalty after Patriots coach Bill Belichik was not suspended by the league in the now infamous "camera/spy gate" scandal from last month.

"We have a very specific policy regarding steroid or (Human Growth Hormone) use," Goodell said Monday. "It's very clear what the penalty is both for players and people involved in the National Football League. He’s held to a higher standard. He was involved in a criminal activity and that calls for a specific penalty and that’s why he paid the five games so I make no apologies for that."

- Mac Engel


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Goodell keeps emphasizing that what Wade Wilson did was illegal, but, as I recall, he was investigated for illegal activity and they didn't even bring him up on charges. They said that he was fine. Now... if the government isn't saying that what he did was illegal, then how is it that Goodell can say that it is. Seems to me that with no charges pending against Wilson and a clean slate from all acounts that Goodell's comments are actually defamation of character. Since the authorities know about Wilson's involvement and declined to press charges, Goodell is not in a position to LEGALLY convict Wilson. He's over stepped his authority by making those comments. That is actually illegal if Wilson wanted to press charges against him. And, EVERY time I've heard Goodell speak on the issue he's been irate. Seems to me he's over reacting considering the questions that were asked. He KNOWS that there is a severe discrepency between Wilsons punishments and the "cheaters" but he had NO way to save face and back off of Wilson after the fact. He didn't sound that angered when he was speaking of Vick's issues. Anyway, that's my two cents.

First, Goodell is not going to suspend the coach of the "Golden Franchise" in the NFL especially one from a large East Coast market. But Bellicheck should have been suspended for 4 games. Goodell lost credibility with the penalty that he imposed on the Patriots, but I beleive it was Robert Kraft who led the charge for Goodell to become commissioner, so figure it out. Wade Wilson should have been held to the same standard as any other member of the NFL when it comes to illegal drug use and that is enrollment into the program for a first time offender. Players are not suspended until their 3rd failed test and then its 4 games. Not sure where Goodell came up with the 5 game suspension.

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