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October 08, 2007

Roger Goodell on Tank Johnson

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said he continues to talk to suspended Cowboys defensive tackle Tank Johnson, mostly about his life. Goodell said Johnson has not appealed for a reduction in his eight-game suspension. That's Goodell’s call, and he said he would be reviewing his case early next week. But he said he's not leaning one way or the other right now.

Johnson potentially could have his suspension reduced two games and return for the Cowboys' game against the Vikings on Oct. 21. The suspension could also be reduced by one game.

"He has been doing some very positive things about changing his life and making better decisions going forward,” Goodell said at an ESPN Monday Night Football luncheon in downtown Buffalo on Monday afternoon.

"We had to get him situated in Dallas and make sure he continued on with the things that I asked during the suspension."

Goodell told Johnson it's not about what he says but what he does.

"He needs to make better decisions and he needs to demonstrate that through his behavior," Goodell said. "I think he understands that and I'm hopeful he's going to do that. …

"Tank was very open about saying, 'I want to be (NFL) Man of the Year.' I think that's great he has that kind of ambition. I think he recognizes the mistakes that he's made. Now he can be someone that really demonstrates that you can make a turnaround in your life and you can do things right."

-- Mac Engel


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Here's hoping. I truly hope that Johnson has learned a lesson and continues to keep himself out of trouble. He could prove to be a huge asset to the Cowboys down the stretch.

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