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November 26, 2007

Loosey, Goosey Cowboys

The Cowboys are three days away from their biggest game of the season and the tension was so thick in the locker room Monday that you could cut it with a knife.


You would think Thursday's 10-1 showdown against the Packers for home field advantage in the NFC playoffs was just another game for the loose and fun-loving Cowboys.

After being playfully slapped by nose tackle Jay Ratliff, linebacker Kevin Burnett put shaving cream in Ratliff's shoes. Ratliff returned the favor by putting shaving cream all over Burnett's locker, on his clothes and in his helmet.

Burnett just laughed it off, saying, "I expected what he did. What I did was a surprise. I am the originator. I'm just going to wipe this helmet out and go to practice. The rest of the stuff can be washed."

Meanwhile on the other side of the locker room, linebacker Akin Ayodele had his video camera out and recorded the media while he was being interviewed.

And then when the Cowboys went out to the practice field, coach Wade Phillips walked over to the media and said: "That guy has a pretty good arm" (in reference to his son, assistant coach Wes Phillips, who was throwing passes with quarterback Tony Romo).

"That Romo guy is pretty good too," Phillips added with a grin.

Of course Romo got into the act at practice by doing his now infamous imitation of Packers quarterback Brett Favre's pigeon-toed gait.

-- Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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