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November 30, 2007

Postgame quotables, Wade Phillps version

Opening statement:
You know, it's great to be 11-1. We broke the record of the 2007 team that was 10-1. Those guys, I liked. I thought they were a good group.

What were your thoughts on when Green Bay came within three points:
Well, we had some penalties and we had some things that hurt us, but we overcame like we have all year. We overcame some of those things. Green Bay is a good team, they are going to keep fighting back and they did. We knew it wasn't going to be easy and it wasn't. It was a victory for us.

What are your thoughts on the offense continuing to outscore the opponent:
Well, I said it earlier - I think we have a great offense. I don't think we have a good offense, I think we have a great offense because we can score a lot of points. We can comeback from first and 20. We can move the ball on some good defenses. Green Bay's defense is awfully good and we played really well - scored a lot of points against them.

What are your thoughts on Tony Romo's performance:
I don't know if he's the next American idol, but he played really well and answered the bell. I think a lot of people here had seen him play when people said he might have concentration on this, or his contract, or he might have let down because his hero is playing and all of those things, and he hadn't done it a bit. I just can't say enough about our quarterback.

What do you think about the production of Miles Austin?
Miles had a great game. He'd been doing well on kickoff returns. I thought our blocking obviously was really good, it gave us field position. He had a good game last week. I think he gained some confidence, I'm talking about offensively. You know, he beat his guy twice and they had to interfere with him to stop him from scoring two touchdowns, so he's got a lot of speed. He's got a lot of confidence now on offense and I think some on special teams.

How much better do you think your team can get?
I think we can get better. There are always things you need to work on; there are always things you can get better. You know, we missed some tackles on defense certainly that we don't normally miss. We didn't make it on fourth and one. There's obviously things we can work on that we can get better.


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