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November 22, 2007

Postgame quotables, Wade Phillps version

On the Cowboys improving to 10-1:
Solid win for us. I thought it was important that we go to 10-1 and have a little bit of history on our part.


I think we have a chance to break this 2007 team's record of 10-1 and go 11-1. We're going to enjoy this one. I thought it was a solid, solid game. I thought the running game again, was good. Our defense played outstanding, our special teams played real good. I really thought we just played a solid game throughout. That's how we need to play. We're 10-1. That's what we are. We're happy about getting there. But, it's going to be a great matchup.

On Terence Newman:
Yeah, I thought Terence Newman, again, played outstanding. You know, he made a big play last week, made a big play in this game. Certainly, when he put us 21 points ahead. He's making plays. I think he's getting healthy, and that's the big thing.

On the win:
I want them to enjoy the win. It has hard to do and some of them haven't been around long enough to know. Greg Ellis has been around for some tough seasons. And I want them to enjoy those wins. And this was certainly an important win for us.


It takes a team, you know. The team has to play well enough to win. That's what we've done and what we will continue to do. Offense needs to make plays. Defense needs to make plays. You know, we left some guys out there open, and we still got 34 points.

On the defense:
I think we're a really good run defensive team. I think that's proven out throughout the year. I think the first thing we wanted to establish this year was 'Hey, you can't run the ball all over us. You're going to have to throw it' and we've been pretty consistent with that throughout the year.


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