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November 22, 2007

Postgame quotables, Tony Romo version

On next week's matchup with the Packers:
I think its going to be a fun game next week. Obviously, we understand that we both want to win this game to give us a two-game lead for home field. And we're still trying to win the division, still trying to take the next step.

On playing against his favorite team growing up, the Green Bay Packers:
I think its going to be fun. Anytime you get to play in a big game it's enjoyable. And the fact that its the Packers, that makes it fun too. For me, its great because I grew up them and watched them every Sunday. I'm really happy for them, for their organization. I still root them on, and watch them, though I'm slowly starting to root against them. But they keep winning.

On looking at a victory against Green Bay as a signature victory:
I don't look at ti any different than being a big football game that we're trying to win. Now, if we win next week, does it help us reach our goal? Yes. But if we lose, does it completely derail it? No. It is a big game and everyone understands that this is probably going to be one of the more important games we'll play in the stretch of the regular season. But at the same point, it's also one game. This doesn't end your season. It doesn't put you in the Super Bowl. But it does give you confidence and gives you certain things you need to help you along the process.

On Brett Favre, and if he played better than Romo did today:
He was good. Hopefully he had his best game of the year today, because it's hard to put games like that together back-to-back. But I expect we'll get the best that Brett has to offer next week. It's going to be a great test for this football team. It's going to be enjoyable.


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I like both Brett Favre and Tony Rom. My two favorite players and QB's. In the big match up, however, I lean toward Tony because of his youthful exuberance and take charge attitutde. Even in difficult situations he comes out looking good by making a difficult play. His idol, Favre, has taught him well without knowing it. Favre is also a gunslinger and even though he is playing as good as he has ever played, Tony will have the quicker draw due to his age. Great match up against two great teams with two great QB's. It's too bad one of these two teams will have to loose the game, but that is the object of the sport, "Win Baby, Win". Go Cowboys!!!!

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