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November 22, 2007

Postgame quotables, everyone else version

Jets coach Eric Mangini on scoring so few points:
It's nothing that you're looking to do and what's disappointing is knowing that you have to play a certain type of football against a certain type of way and to turn the ball over, that's always a big issue. And to turn it over again the Cowboys, who are very effective in that area, and then usually decapitalize considering how close their offense is. There are certain things you have to achieve in all three phases, and we didn't come close in any phase.

Marcus Spears, on owner Jerry Jones' comments about the best defensive performance since he has owned the team:
That is big! He has been around for a while and he has had the opportunity to see some great players, some great defenses play. You give up three points to a team in this league, you played a good game. I'm going to be modest and not say anything like that, but he is the owner and he can say that. We played well today, though.

Bradie James, on not looking past the Jets:
We did not take them for granted, we respect them. We have our motto: Fear no one and respect all of your opponents. Today, we came out and we wanted to make a statement, we have not really made a statement all season, we wanted to go out there and not let those guys breath and we were able to get that done today.

Darrelle Revis on Terrell Owen's comments during the week:
I thought it was a little bit disrepectful. Though I'm a rookie still ... it's just competition. I don't even know exactly quite what he said. I don't try to feed him. I just go out and play. We talked after the game. I introduced myself. We had a real good conversation.


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