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November 29, 2007

Postgame quotables, Tony Romo version

On tonight's game:
It's was definitely a big. The atmosphere out there was awesome.

On setting the Cowboys single-season record for touchdowns in front of Troy Aikman, etc.:
I knew they'd be here, so I waited one more week to do that. Those guys are legends of the game. I just appreciate that they're nice to me when I'm around them.

What did he and Brett Favre talk about before the game:
You know, just exchanging recipes and stuff. Normal guy talk. I told him Ed Werder was going to have a heart attack if I didn't go over and say hi to him. They were running out of film over there.

On what kind of reception he'll receive when he goes back to Wisconsin:
A lot of negativity. Honestly, I don't think there were more than four people that rooted for me in my hometown. So I don't think they'll be too happy with me right now, but you never know. Maybe a little later they will be.

On how big of a victory this is:
I said this last week, and this win doesn't put us in the Super Bowl. And a loss here wouldn't have knocked us out of it. Obviously, does it help our chances? Let's say we had a 50-percent chance of going to the Super Bowl. Maybe now its 52 percent because maybe now we get to play a home game against them and we're playing pretty good football right now. Do we still have a lot of improving to do? Yes. Do we have the ability to get better? I believe so. So we're going to truck along and hopefully put some more wins together, go into the playoffs with a winning streak and see what we can do.


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