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November 30, 2007

Postgame quotables, T.O. version

On how the Cowboys prepare for games like these:
You practice hard, it carries over to the game and we're excited about where we are. We're not looking any further than that. Obviously, our goal is to get into the playoffs and go to the Super Bowl, so I think we've done a great job but there's obviously room for improvement.

Is being manned up against a corner like Al Harris what he relishes?
Oh yeah. Al's a great corner and I knew the matchup was going to be very physical and he was going to be aggressive. I just went out and tried to execute in the passing game and I think the things we did moving me around a little bit helped. Tony [Romo] did a great job, as far as reading the defenses and throwing the ball to the open guys.

Was this game a continuation of his play over the past month?
Yes. I think I'm just trying to do my part. Jason [Garrett] is doing a great job every week involving me and I relish the challenge each week. That's about it - I'm just doing my job.

On the pass in the endzone that was tipped into an interception:
It was a situation where I had a route where I was going in and coming out and Tony [Romo] just shot it in there. So it just got in there before I could really get an eye on the ball. Other than that, I'm fine and still rebounding after that. The defense did a great job keeping them out of the endzone. So no harm, no foul.

On what has made T.O. and Romo a prolific tandem:
Just communication. Us have faith in one another. Him knowing where I'm going to be. Me paying attention to detail and reading what the corners are giving me. Each week I'm faced with different coverages. Like tonight, I was faced with a lot of man-to-man and there were times where they tried to double me. But if it wasn't there, Tony went elsewhere with it. That's how you saw Jason [Witten] get open and Patrick [Crayton] made some big catches. That's just the nature of this offense.


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