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November 30, 2007

Postgame quotables, everyone else version

Jason Witten: You know that [Green Bay] doesn't plan on losing any more games, so it doesn't give us any room as far as what you have going. I think Wade [Phillips] made a good point last week when he said "you know that this is a big game but if you win, they just keep getting better". I think this team understands that.

Roy Williams: I think we are doing well. We keep getting wins, and wins back-to-back-to-back togethers. We keep treating each game like it's the first one. I think that we are doing pretty good.

Chris Canty: I think that we were focused, the team has never had a problem with focus this year. We were just focused in on the task at hand. We knew we had to come in and pressure the quarterback defensively and stop the running game. We got one out of two. We didn't really stop the running game at all. But we were able to put enough pressure on the quarterbacks and disrupt the passing game and ultimately turn enough plays to win.

DeMarcus Ware: That's really big, when we knot that the offense can score on the defense and once we get up on those teams, we are able to pressure those guys. We are able to make those big plays. I give it up to the offense, they played a great game. There are some things the defense needs to work on, but I think as a whole, we played pretty good.

Greg Ellis: Well, you have to credit Green Bay. I came in at halftime and said "they have some playmakers on their team", they have some offensive guys that can hurt you and it showed because they were able to come back and get back in the football game. You credit them, but they weren't 10-1 for nothing. So they are a champion in my opinion, meaning they played good football. They are not going to give up when they going gets touch and they came back and fought.


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