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November 01, 2007

Roy not buying Donovan talk ...

Cowboys safety Roy Williams isn't buying the talk from Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb that the NFC East title still goes through Philadelphia.
"Everybody is entitled to their own opinion," Williams said Thursday. "Right now, they are in no position to talk about everything goes through Philly'. Some teams went to Philly and they beat them. No one is worried about, 'You have to go through Philly.' You have to go through Dallas. You have to go through Washington, and you have to go through New York, too. Everybody feels they are the best. Right now, it's just about how you play on the field that proves you are the best."

- Mac Engel


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I agree with Roy Williams; McNabb should keep his mouth shut until his team proves that it even belongs on the same field with the Cowboys. At this juncture the Eagles suck in my honest opinion.

Will Cowboys beat the jinx?...only if they reamain steady, Owens eliminates slippery fingers, Crayton holds onto the ball, Romo is focused and intense, and the offence collectivly does two things, NO TURNOVERS and Minimum PENALTIES. The Defence needs to put pressure on Donovan, he knows more injuries have come from the hand of the cowboys than anyother team and he is not as mobile. Yes the NFC East has to go thru Philly but they are not in the shape they were last year are nothing without McNabb.. Prediction:this is McNabbs knees last game!
Roy Your thoughts?

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