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December 30, 2007

Cowboys divisional game set

The Dallas Cowboys 2007 Divisional Playoff Game has been set. Dallas will face Tampa Bay (9-7), the N.Y. Giants (10-6) or Washington (9-7) at Texas Stadium on Sunday, Jan. 13 at 3:30 p.m.


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It hard to understand Cowboy Fans. I've been in the D.C. area for the past 4 years and let me tell you the Redskin Fans don't critize their team that much. Don't forget this team was only suppose to win 9 to 10 games and maybe qualify as a "Wild Card" contender. So what if they didn't win 14 games, make it a goal for next year along with Witten 100 receptions, and Barber 1000 yard season. Allow this team to regroup (refocus) and come out Kick'in Butt in Jan 2008 when the Real Cowboys Strut their Stuff!! No matter who the opponent is!!! Now write this in your news paper!!!

Not to be a hater...but, Dismantle Green Bay? Did you watch that game? They were fortunate to win that one too. December has been bad, very bad. Let's hope they find that fire they had earlier in the season.

If the Cowboys can't say that keeping the Redskins out of the Playoffs and having the best record in team history wasn't worth playing for, then maybe the playoffs or super bowl isn't important either. If they can't find a reason to win every game then they won't make it. Oh yeah I almost forgot, Ban Jessica Simpson from every game.

All season long, we act like the running game is not important, and that is going to bite us. It is time to get the running game going, you have two weeks, if we don't get the running game going, it is goodbye after the next game, com on, how hard is that to figure out? With the offensive line we have, why is it so hard to run? If we can run, the pass is going to take us to the top, no run, no win.

I believe they will. I saw them dismantle Green Bay & saw them almost win in Seattle last year with a worse team. Don't be a hater!

Any one think the Cowboys will get past the frist playoff game?
After todays performance, who cares?

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