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December 19, 2007

Donovan McNabb weighs in on Roy Williams

Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb was asked today by the Philadelphia media about Roy Williams' horse-collar tackle in Sunday's game.

"It is dangerous and I've kind of seen it first hand happen to (Terrell Owens)," McNabb said. "I remember when it happened and I actually thought it was worse than what it was -- a broken ankle. It's a play where you're kind of defenseless because you think you've passed a guy and then all of a sudden he kind of yanks you back. Your feet are up under you. You get bent back in an awkward position. Anything can break. In that situation, you just kind of watch the film and feel truly blessed that he didn't grab my ankle. With him pulling me back and grabbing my ankle, you never know what could have happened. I was able to get my feet from up under me and put myself in a position where I could fall safely."
That was the more PC talk. Then McNabb offered a more critical view:
"It's a dangerous play, and they put the rule in for him. That would make it worse for him," he said. "I think the league did an excellent job. I think he understood kind of what happened, and he's going to move on with it."
But McNabb said Williams did apologize to him.
"After the game, he apologized. He just told me he wasn't trying to hurt me in any way," McNabb said. "I know Roy. Roy wouldn't try to hurt anybody. He was just making a tackle. He's one of the best safeties in the game, and pretty much that's what he's known for is the Cowboy Tackle or whatever they call it. He's an aggressive safety."

- Mac Engel


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