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December 23, 2007

Grade the Cowboys

The Cowboys beat the Carolina Panthers on Saturday night, but lost T.O. to a high ankle sprain. However, Green Bay's loss to Chicago clinches home-field advantage in the playoffs for the 'Boys. So how do you feel about the 13-2 Cowboys?

Post a comment below with your grades for the following positions:


Running Back

Wide Receiver/Tight End

Offensive Line

Defensive Line



Special Teams




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QB. B a QB is as good as his recievers.
RB. B we have 2 good RBs but to much time split
WR. C there only as good as the QB which so far we only had one WR,T.O. crayton needs to step up and T.O needs to see its a team.as for TE. go Witten.
OL. B Good protection but needs to open the holes for RB better
DL. B sometimes reminds me of the ole days, could do a touch more on presuring QBs.
LB. A blitz blitz pass rush
secondarys. c needs to be stepped up and hold the recievers to lil or no gain
coaches. ive been a DALLAS fan for 30 years and ive watch the coaches come and go since laundry. sure we had a few years of greatness but also dissapointment, thank you parcells for leaving and taking drew with you.. welcome to the team coaches hats off to yas.........grade .....A

overall. A 13wins 2 losses says it all go BOYS

QB - B, played better than I thought he would with the thumb which clearly limited his accuracy and confidence on out routes and even some touch passes

RB - A, Barber played great when the game was on the line. Wish he had more speed.

WR - INCOMPLETE, Played great until TO went out then disappeared. Does anyone really like Hurd and Austin anymore now that they're #2 and #3? I like them a lot better as a 4 or 5. Please bring Terry and Terrell back soon Santa!

OL - A, they didn't allow Carolina to sniff Romo for most of the game. The best they've closed a game without requiring Romo to do ANYTHING on the last drive.

DL - B, I'm actually starting to think Spears and Bowen can play. Hope JRat gets healthy. Thought Tank got a raw deal on his helmet to helmet penalty - it just looked ugly because Moore got hit so damn hard!

LB - A, DeMarcus showed Carolina what Peppers should have been doing for them all year. Bradie was solid as usual.

Secondary - C, sure Newman got hurt but the corners have to play better. I thought Hamlin and KD saved the corners a few times.

Coaches - B, better offensive game plan involving the running game more. Defense did a good job of keeping Moore confused.

Overall - B, beat a bad team and had control of the game most of the way, but still made it uncomfortable at the end. A little like watching a Mavs game when they'r up by 3 with 5 seconds left. The pucker factor was getting a little high.

QB - B, made plays when needed to, but interception pass should never have been thrown, it was forced.
RB - A, Marion Barber, need I say more?
WR/TE - C, 1st half good, 2nd half not so good (no TO).
OL - A, good run blocking and pass protection and once again fumble recoveries.
DL - A-, 5 sacks and except for one long run, stopped the running game.
Line backers - B, I guess, good on run game, not sure on passing.
Special Teams - C, very poor coverage at times. Cause for concern going into playoffs. Field Goal and punting looked good though.
Safety/DB - C, part of defensive backfield who had ONE receiver to cover and couldn't do so consistently.
Coaches - B, after TO went out, the still tried to throw the bal, but wisely included a good dose of Barber running.
Overall - B-, not pretty but a win.

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