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December 30, 2007

Grade the Cowboys

The Cowboys played their starters in an effort to win, but instead were blown out by the Redskins on Sunday. Was it a poor performance by the 'Boys or did the Redskins just want it more?

Post a comment below with your grades for the following positions, and be sure to leave us your name and where you are from:


Running Back

Wide Receiver/Tight End

Offensive Line

Defensive Line



Special Teams




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The Cowboys have the talent to go to the Super Bowl.....the last few games they have not displayed that talent. Their drive and their focus seem disrupted.
Tony Romo wants to have fun and that is OK, but at whose expense? The Franchise, the owner, the fans?
He needs to focus on playing the game he loves. Jessica Simpson is a definite distraction. The other players know that too. And because Tony is distracted, so are they. It is a team effort, but the leader has to be focused on the game. Romo playing in Mexico does not help our Cowboys chance to go on for this season. He is being paid plenty to play football! Just a simple word to Romo - "have fun, but get focused and let's play some good football".

F might be too strong a criticism. Q/B rates this, but maybe the rest of the team is a tad better.

OH YEA, one more thing. The biggest disappointment yesterday is that Roy Williams didn't horse collar anyone. GET HIM OFF THE FIELD. He can't tackle, he can't cover, and his greatest impact he makes are his personal foul penalties. And to think I used to be his biggest fan!?!?!?

I'm not sure why everyone is complaining. Those of you old enough should remember this dance with Jimmy left. Jimmy built the team, coached the team, then was fired from the team. ANYONE with an IQ of 20 could have 'coached' the team the next year an won the Superbowl assuming they didn't mess with things.

Same thing here. Bill built this...and needed one more year to mature. Sure he made some mistakes, but don't doubt for ONE SECOND this is his team. Biggest difference is it's not a formalized as Johnson's team. My bet is one and done then we need to fire Wade, and get someone in here to continue the building. Afterall, all the talent Bill brought here or trained, just got their airplane tickets for Miami...

My Cowboy fans, Happy New Year, and may 2008 bring us another Super Bowl. It's up to T.O. and Romo, mostly, but also the offesive line, which looked like a patchwork unit yesterday, adn it's up to the defense - hello Roy Williams, don't you know how to wrap up?. Fact of the matter, this is too talented of a team not to make it to Phoenix for the Super Bowl. That's without question one of my New Year's Resolutions.

I too am a long-time Cowboy fan, going back to the beginning with Coach Landry and Tex Schramm. Living in the Washington D.C. area makes yesterday's loss understandable. Joe Gibbs is a sixty minute, never-say-die, smart coach. Wade Philips was never in the game, and Garret's play calling can be summed up by his decision to go for a Hail Mary pass versus a field-goal attempt at the end of the first-half. His kicker made a 53 yarder earlier, and Garret has no faith in him? I don't know what percentage he placed on the FG, but no time on the clock, the Redskins know you have to pass and they tee off on Romo, etc. What's that all about?

I leave the uninspired efforts to the sport psychologists, but the players should reflect on what happened to them yesterday, and try to answer why.

I live in the Philadelphia region, grew up in the Washington, D.C. area, and have been a diehard Cowboys fan since 1977. Gotta tell y'all that I'm extremely disappionted with the way Dallas closed out the season. Sometimes I wonder if Romo even cares or if the Cowboys have any pride. That was a dud of a performance yesterday. Grant it, Dallas had nothing to play for, but Washington is a hated rival. Don't just get crushed. One rushing yard? I hope yesterday's performance doesn't come back to bite Da Boyz in two weeks, but I fear it might. We need to get to the Super Bowl - 11 years is a very, very, very long time, know what I mean? My son was still in diapers then. Guess, I'm one of those Cowboys fans who always wants them to win, and let's face it, 14-2 would have been outstanding. New England, for the record, didn't play the Giants uninspired, know what I mean? There's nothing wrong with perfection.

Actually maybe Romo Should break up with her so he can stay focused

If the Cowboys can't say that keeping the Redskins out of the Playoffs and having the best record in team history wasn't worth playing for, then maybe the playoffs or super bowl isn't important either. If they can't find a reason to win every game then they won't make it. Oh yeah I almost forgot, Ban Jessica Simpson from every game. Big Fat F.

I think Wade needs to chew some ass! This o'well, schucks crap has to stop. When you perform in this manner, a good ole' ass chewing is what perks up people.

I am really puzeled at everones over reaction to the loss in DC.

I figured they would be more competitive, however I realize the situation. The Boys did not put the best team out there and due to the situation, how were they to match the motivation of a team that had their entire season on lthe line?

I think everyone saw this coming, but now that it has passed, its the end of the world? I knew this was going to occur, I almost did not watch the game, but I can't do anything else when Dallas is on tv.

Lets all please return to Earth and watch our special team do its thing in the post season. This loss and time to rest will be the right recipe to keep the team sharp and motivated come round two.

Remember, we are 13-2. The Giants, Redskins, Jags, Bucs etc. are all very happy to be in the playoffs and have thier records. Their fans are excited about whats to come, but we are in meltdown over our team? Something is wrong with this picture.

Also can anyone tell me what the records were for all 5 previous Cowboys Super Bowl winners. Just about every year the greatest team in the league has multiple losses.

My prediction for SB is Dallas 24 Jags 13.

I give them an "F" in all areas except for the punter, McBriar. If not for his long punts, it could have even been worse.

I would have rather seen our starters in street clothes than to see the egg they laid on Sunday. I had hoped for a good couple of drives to build some positive momentum and be able to put the last few games behind them. This game gives me serious pause as to how far the cowboys will go in the playoffs. We have seen from our Mavericks how well the "we can turn it on when we want to" philosophy works. I think Coach Wade has some serious work to do in the next two weeks.

By the way, what happened to wonderkid Garrett the last few weeks. The offensive magic powder is gone. This team has some serious playoff ghosts to put to rest before we can call them an elite team.

Yes, the road to the NFC Championship game runs through Dallas. Whichever team is fortunate enough to get the Cowboys will be in it.

Disgusting performance by 99.9% of the whole team. Thankfully I watched on free tv. Otherwise I would have been cheated like all the fans in the stands. Can you imagine paying to see such a performace by a team of "professionals"? Loafers and chokers all wearing the same uniform.

The Boys' did not play well at all. Tony I am a fan of yours BUT, you had a clear shot if not at the end zone certainly a first down.

I think the Boy's were preoccupied with statistics and lost their self respect. They did not play like Professionals. They stunk up the field. Wade had better light a fire under them.

F's all the way around!!!

OK...here's the deal. We've been fooled for a few weeks now thinking the Cowboys are okay, only need a bit of tweaking here and there. But let's face it, who would you like to meet in the divisional round, and hope to win for sure to make the championship game? We can only play the Redskins, Giants or Buccaneers. I take the Buccaneers, only because the Giants and Washington scare me now. Also, since those 2 teams are divisional rivals, they know our weaknesses intimately, and will exploit them. And make no mistake about it, T.O. or no T.O., Glenn or no Glenn, we will get clocked by either these teams, even at home, even with Eli and what's his name in Washington. But, before getting too overconfident, remember one thing: Tampa Bay is QB'd by Jeff Garcia, who's proven to be a Cowboy-killer in the past, whether with the 49er's or Philly. It won't be easy, but I can assure you one thing: if we get lucky enough to get TB as an opponent, and actually win, then playing Green Bay ( assuming they win ) will be a cakewalk. Favre can't win at Texas Stadium, no matter what team he has.

Here's hoping.........

Just admit it -- my Skins outplayed the cowboys. My Skins are playing GREAT!!!!

What a mess this team is in. They certainly don't play like a 13-win team.

Let's not overreact, OK?

The Cowboys had nothing on the line and got whupped by the Redskins.

Last week, the Packers had EVERYTHING on the line and got whupped by the Bears. In fact, they've been beat TWICE by the Bears.

I think it's time for fingers to start pointing at Jason Garrett instead of constantly praising his offensive genius. This is the fourth straight game the offense has been horriawful. Just downright bad. Why? Because the play selection sucks. If you're going to turn the Cowboys into a one-dimensional pass-only team in the middle of a game, just go ahead and start that way from the beginning.


First things first. Lets congratulate the Boys for a 13-3 season, By far our best in 12 years. Now lets take a look at reality. The Boys did win a few games by luck. That's right, LUCK. This team has been highly praised but unfortunatley, this team has been highly over-rated as well, and reality is this. The Cowboys are the top sead in the NFC, but are also the NFC's WEAKEST TEAM intering the playoffs. Take a good look at the other teams and you will see that each is playing at a very high level unlike our Boys who have not played anything close to good football since the 1st half of the Packers game. The December Doom hit this team once again. The offense line flat out stinks, and if not for Romo's ability to move, he would be the NFL's most sacked QB. Are you joking, One stinking yard rushing today! The secondary is a joke and has been for years. We still struggle to presure the opposing QB consistantly and as for Romo, He clearly has some growing up to do. Good teams are playing good heading into the playoffs. bad teams are not. The Cowboys are not a good team at this time and it's very likely Jerry will see his team make a quick exit from the post season. Jerry and the Cowboys need to start refunding NFC Championship tickets as this game is likely to be played at Lambeau after all.

Utterly embarrassing is the only way to describe the performance (or lack thereof) across the board. They did all but miss the flight this week. It is very much reason for concern to me. They haven't played well in 5 weeks now. What happens if T.O. doesn't make it back. It's time for someone to be a vocal leader (hello Tony). No sense of urgency what so ever. We are so ripe for being the biggest disappointment in these upcoming playoffs.

Again another season of wondering where this great defense is? Throughout the season the Dallas defense has not performed to the expectations nor the talent they are supposed to have. For some reason I expect nothing differant in the playoffs or next year. Their peformance over the last three weeks has been pretty poor. Since beating the Packers, looks as if the team has lost the will to win or it seems the rest of the NFL has figured out how to stop them. Whomever they play in two weeks it will be close. After this weeks performance and that of the last two weeks another year without a playoff victory would not be a surprise. Overall F in every Category this week. Worst game I have seen in years.

I don't know, it looks like the Cowboys peaked to early again. The way they've played in the past few weeks I just don't see them winning a playoff game, much less getting to the Super Bowl and beating the NFC's best. I sure hope I'm wrong.

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