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December 16, 2007

Grade the Cowboys

So the Eagles, losers of their last three games, came in to Texas Stadium and handed the Cowboys only their second loss of the season.

Nothing seemed to go right for the Cowboys in the 10-6 loss and we want to hear your thoughts.

Post a comment below with your grades for the following positions:


Running Back

Wide Receiver/Tight End

Offensive Line

Defensive Line



Special Teams




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The offense and defense sucked. The defense is not of a championship calibre. Thus, even if they get to the big game, they will lose because of their can't stop a good offense defense.

Romo obviously was off target all day, so why not play some smashmouth football with one of the biggest o-lines in the league? wear them out and then maybe work in some play action and short dump passes.

RB: B-
Juice just doesn't have any confidence anymore. Maybe they can try something different and wear opponents out with barber in the first half and utilize Jones' speed on some stretch plays or something in the second. Either way, they should have depended way more on the run in such a close game. All the tools are there, the big o-line, 2 running backs that keep each other fresh.

Crayton needs to pick it up. They need to throw him the ball more. Other than that, you can't drop passes when so few are even close to you!! B- cause Witten held his own, otherwise would've been a D grade.

O-line: B
Did OKAY. Good enough to give Romo some time.

D-Line: B
Did decent, and kept the boys close throughout the game, but allowed Westbrook to break free in crucial times.

LB: C+
Pass coverage needs to improve. Other than that, DECENT.

Safety: C
Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. You never know who's gonna show up. Flat out though, Roy Williams needs to learn how to WRAP UP, and not around the neck!! DUDE, the rule was made cause of you!

Special Teams: B+
Solid game. Nothing great, but most importantly, no bad mistakes. Folk came through once again.

Coaches: C
Defense did pretty good, but offense stunk it up. chalk this one up as a learning experience. JG is a great coordinator, just maybe now he'll realize he has a MONSTER in the backfield that needs to be used more.

Overall: C
Cowboys were simply not the cowboys. When will we see more continuity in which the offense AND defense shows up night in and night out. Corners need to man up and press a bit more, or at least give a smaller cushion. It's understandable that they don't wanna get burnt for the big play, but can't give up the short plays on 3rd and short.

QB: D Romo was obviously affected by his injured thumb as he missed wide open recievers all over the field. Also threw a costly late int.
RB: C Neither Barber nor Jones did anything to distinguish themselves against a tough Eagles D.
WR/TE: B Good play by both Witten & Crayton as Owens was blanketed heavily all game. At least one bad drop by T.O.
OL: A Solid line play both in the running game & pass blocking.
DL: B Good line play against the run & also taking up space well freeing both Ellis & Ware to rush McNabb
LB: A Excellent play esp. by Ware.
DB: A Excellent in pass coverage by corner& hard hits by safeties made Eagle recievers wary to go inside
Special: B Solid return coverage & good day by Folk w/ 2 clutch FG's
Coaching: D The difference in the game. If Wade had played Brad Johnson in the 4th quarter, he may have rallied the team. Sticking w/ an injured Romo was a mistake. Should have tried running the ball more, especially in light of Romo's ineptness.
Overall: C The defense played well enough to win. Special teams was good. Bad coaching decisions & a lack of offense was the difference.

If you look at the total game objectively, nothing was right from the start. No sideline camaraderie, not the usual conferencing between the players and the coaches, Romo staring off into space, etc., etc. It was all wrong. Although I would not want someone choosing my mate, Tony can do much better than a notorious Hollywood Bimbo. The current crop of Hollywood "stars" is enough to turn your stomach, and I don't mean "toward them". Tony needs to get his mind above his belt buckle, or you can just write off the rest of the season. There are plenty of "Home Town Girls" that would put the best of Hollywood to shame!

Forget grading the players, I want to know what in the hell is going on with Jason Garrett? If I have to see Julius Jones in the fricking game anymore, I am going to take a swan dive off the Golden Gate Bridge. There is no reason this guy should be starting, much less playing while the game is on the line. Let's see, the QB is sucking so we just kept throwing. WOW. An NFC East opponent, a NFC East style game and we keep throwing. Jason, WAKE THE F24K UP! And keep Romo's flavor of the week in the frickin skybox, in a Black outfit and for sure in the back row. A fricking circus.

Defense rated an A. They played a tough game. Offense (?) D comes to mind. Jessica, if your reading this..I love you to death but give us a break and give Romo a break..He can't seem to get his "energy" up.

Tony needs to leave the girls at home. Carrie, Jessica, same result both times. Jason Garrett has done an incredible job up to this point, however I had to wonder how much the buddy factor came into play with Romo yesterday. It seemed like he was trying to give Romo the chance to be the hero again when he should have been handing the ball to Barber nearly every down at the end there. You can't win them all when all you do is pass. Did anyone notice how many rushing attempts we had in this game??? 15 attempts. Thats not even enough touches for Barber, let alone our entire team. Hello Jason. Insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I never considered benching Romo in his 5 INT game in Buffalo, but I would have yanked him yesterday, no questions. Buddy or not. This is about winning games.

If anyone thinks that the Cowboys will make the SB and win they're crazy. There's a high probability that they'll face the Pats and Brady doesn't make the mistakes that Romo does (turnovers). Secondly the Cowboys are afraid of TO's tantrums that's why they kept trying to force the ball to him even when it made no sense. Finally trade Roy Williams, if I am an opposing teams Head coach I would throw "Deep Ins" everytime to his side, and trade him, (in the off season)while his value is still good.

The Cowboys simply played to their actual level against the Eagles. This was the way everybody expects this team to play all season and it was great to see it come to being.

Tony was just not himself yesterday. Think Jessica wearing that pink jersey really messed him up. Cowboys wear Blue and White! Get real Jessica. We just broke down all the way around. Defense was tired. Offense couldnt do nothing. Cowboys will come back. They want this. They are a better team that what they played yesterday. Philly was fired up. Cowboys just need to get fired up and take us to the Super Bowl.

Jessica Simpson left the game with Donovan McNabb.

Tony Romo will be traded to the Woeful Cardinals.

T.O. is checking to see if he has any remaining eligibility. He wants to go to Tech where they will throw him the ball.

I think this was just one of those days where nothing really worked. Philly had played good in the last month against the Patriots, Seahawks and Giants, this team does not quit and as much as I hate to admit it they went out and out played Dallas. The only concern I have is that Roy Williams continues to get burned. That pass to a rookie tight end which gave Philly their last first down made him look like a rookie.

I'll be the first one to admit I thought that the "Jess factor" played a part in Sunday's game. Now that I have taken a minute to think about it, that is horse puckey. These men are professional athletes. They came out flat, and stayed that way. Miss 'What's her face' had nothing to do with it.

QB: (D+) Tony, buddy, everyone has a bad day, but you had an especially bad one. Phillips should have pulled him in the 3rd if he knew that Romo couldn't grip the ball.

RB's: (C) Wade needs to get it through his head, Barber is the real deal. You have to get the ball in his hands for at least 25 touches a game. The man is a monster! Jones, well, I don't know what his problem was, but he obviously had one.

WR/TE: dual grade here WR: D, TE, A. The WR's seemed like they could give a crap about running their routes. When you see your QB in trouble, you have to help him out. Witten, on the other hand was just as solid as ever.

O-Line: (F) You guys just sucked. Period.

D-Line: (B+) I was very impressed. You guys have been taking crap all year long about how you can't do this, and you can't do that, but you did your best to keep the 'Boys in the game, and that is all that can be asked of you.

Linebackers: (B) Another fine performance.

Safety: (C+) I sometimes think these guys can be great, and sometimes I think they can't be. You just never know what version your going to get.

Special Teams: (B) You did what you were asked to do. No big mistakes, and that is a plus.

Coaches: (D) Wade Phillips should bear the brunt of this loss. His "aww shucks" approach cost his team large. Romo is hurt. Get him the hell out of the game. What the heck are you paying Johnson for? Clipboard holder? Where do I sign up?! Garrett didn't seem to have a very cohesive game plan. Not much else to say.

Overall: (D+) This was one flat version of the Dallas Cowboys. They should pay a little less attention to the media hype, and a little more attention to playing the game the way they know they can play it. Don't let this be another December disaster. We are behind you men. All the way. Buck up!

Bad loss yesterday.
Things that worry me going forward:
1. What happened to Julius? He looks lost out there. So slow, can't hit the hole, can't make a guy miss.
2. Why do our corners insist on playing so far off the wideouts? The secondary as a whole never seems to be near any wideout when a throw is made.
3. The D. Unless Demarcus or Ratliff is getting pressure on the qb, this group of high draft picks just can't seem to put it together. I never feel as if this D can dominate a game and thats a shame seeing as how much we've invested in all these guys.
4. Owens. When will the timebomb go off?
5. Roy Roy. Hopefully the league suspends him indefinitely for yet another horse collar tackle.
Things that I like:
1. Romo. He'll rebound. We must still remember how young he is to the game. He's still learning. But he must protect the ball better.
2. Ware. He is a dominating force.
3. Ratliff. NT of the future.

I hope Garrett calls the run more. Barber is a beast on the ground. Make sure he gets at least 15-20 carries a game. Julius should only get about 10-15 plays a game let alone carries. He doesn't deserve it.
If this D can tighten up and the O rebounds, I still like us to get to the superbowl. But this D is the x factor. Its very tough to be confident in them.

Cowboys are way over rated and people will discover this when the first play off game with Dallas is played. Romo for sure is over rated and a certian wide receiver is a ticking time bomb.

I feel as if Romo was more interested in his number 1 fan that kept getting a lot of air time than he was in this particular game.

This team is a far cry from the teams that compiled all those Super Bowls in the 90's. The defense has been porous all season, they lack a "hall of fame" running back, and they start too slow. The truth is that the Cowboys could easily be 9-5 because they should have lost to Buffalo, Detroit and Washington. I hope this team finds something to actually be dominant, but I simply do not see that Cowboys keeping their lead for home field advantage. Maybe it is all the better, because how does this club expect to be New England in the Super Bowl? I don't want to watch another Cowboys team go to a Super Bowl in lose. I think this club has its work cut out for it if it expects to win a Super Bowl.

A wife or girlfriend of a less notable player is NOT QUITE the same a a new girlfriend who just happens to be a "star" from the Hollywood jet set. Camera shots of Romo on the sideline showed a person who was "less than focused" on current events! Sort of staring off in space. You have to remember that being rich and famous is "sort of new" to this young QB.

I think that at 12-2 the Cowboys have had a real good season so far and we as fans have very little to whine about. How many of us thought that they would be 12-2 at this point?
The Offense was bad today but I think that had more to do with a couple early dropped passes and Romo’s hand being injured. I don't buy for one second that having a girlfriend in the stands made any difference. Aren’t most players wives and girlfriends in the stands for their games? I just think that Tony couldn't grip the ball as well once he hurt his hand.

Romo's contract should have a clause that states he cannot date during football season and ALL of his girlfriends should be banned from games. Get your mind on the game.

I just got back home from witnessing that 10-6 disgrace at Texas Stadium, and I'm reminded of the Bill Parcellism, "You are what you are". This is what Tony Romo is. For all the fawning fan and media reaction and his starlets du jour, Tony Romo is 0-4 at home for the past two Decembers with enormous stakes in each game. He has been dismal in all 4 defeats. If it's all about the quarterback, Romo has yet to show he's a quarterback for December or January, much less February...

Yep, ol Tony needs to keep his head on straight. He might have stayed up past his bedtime no doubt talking about JS's acting "ability". The measure of the boys success and Romeo's I mean "Romo's" will be their ability to FOCUS. Romeo was obviously more interested in the box-I mean the box where JS was sitting than the game.

If they don't want to play on the tundra, they better find out whats wrong quickly. The offensive play calling was terrible. And I agree with the post above, they have only one running back and that's Barber. Your season is dribbling along Dallas..

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