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December 05, 2007

Kitna Responds ... Kinda Of, Not Really

Lions quarterback Jon Kitna was requested to talk to the Fort Worth-Dallas area media for this week's conference call.

Kitna was scheduled to talk, too. But then 10:30 a.m. came and went, and no Kitna.

Turns out Kitna maybe wasn't itching to talk about his now infamous comments he made about linebacker Bradie James and defensive back Terence Newman last January. And he bailed on the call.

But the Detroit-area media asked him today, and here is what Kitna said:

"The media department here prepared me for that and told me about that. That was something that unfortunately has been taken as something that was serious," Kitna said. "It was something that I said to my hometown radio station after our season was over, and we were having a good time back there. It was really nothing that was a personal thing. It was just that we were trying to have fun on a radio station back there. Unfortunately it’s been used in a way that I was trying to degrade players and that’s really not what it was about."

He continued, "Are they going to want to hit me harder? I doubt it. This is the NFL. They are good football players. Obviously they don’t need any extra motivation because they are 11-1 and a good football team. That is kind of a story that exists down there that really I don’t feel like is an issue because comments were taken in a way that I didn’t say them."

-- Mac Engel


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