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December 27, 2007

Non-Romo MVP candidate Write-In Ballot

In Friday's edition of the Star-Telegram, we asked you to vote for this season's Cowboys' MVP candidate not named Tony Romo.

Your choices were Ken Hamlin, Terrell Owens, Jay Ratliff, DeMarcus Ware and Jason Witten. Not happy with any of those selections? Then this is the place to cast your write-in ballot.

Post a comment below with your choice.


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Marion Barber has had an awesome year and should be included in the top 5. He is my pick by far, he has been a great pick for me on my fantasy team.

marion barber is my pick. i love to see him beat on the defenses, i am reminded of those orc guys in the lord of the rings, only he's running after a super bowl ring.

Greg Ellis,

leads team in sacks, missed two games and coming off late-season ACL. Jerry did the right thing in passing on Moss. Ware is nothing w/o Ellis, just like Romo needs TO and J-dub.

Look how the C'boys did prior to Greg Ellis rejoining the defense on a regular basis. He solidified the left or right side dependent upon which one he played. Also, he reduced the pressure on the other defensive line members with his presence in the defense.

Jason Witten...hands down.

Sam Hurd

He has made (in almost every other game) clutch catches to keep several drives alive!

Hands Don Terrel Owens Period without him your a different offense and not nearly as explosive

Greg Ellis

marion barber

Michele Vincze......Bradie James sucks man no way no how he's an MVP....Eldo is the MVP.....then Bigg Leonard Davis

It has to be Witten he has been an awesome asset this season and has given defense's fits. This is a no brainer

Any list with Roy Williams or Terrance Newman on it had to be made be a moron.


Roy Williams, I can understand....even though the person who said we have 4 safeties better IS a moron....

Newman on the other hand has been very helpful in our secondary, I think he has allowed a grand total of one touchdown this year...

For me its....

Leonard Davis

Marion Barber .. no question.. I love watching him play
He deserves to be picked as MVP #2.

How about Reeves? When Henry and Newman were banged up, who manned the secondary. A lot of people forget about him, but he has played very well for this team.

Any list with Roy Williams or Terrance Newman on it had to be made be a moron. For me it is either Owens, Witten, or Ware. No one else other than Romo meant as much to this team.

Marion Barber he is a good running back and gives his all on every play Plus he blocks..

How is no one in this room talking about Roy Williams stating "I can't change the way I play"....and following his genious ploy to be the NFL super bowl commercial about "I couldn't read til my senior year (I hope that's high school although it may be college)...MVP..I want Roy Williams to play every down and gets hurt so he can spend more time learning how to read....maybe Dallas can get an injury settlement...Cowboys have 4 safeties better than he is...

Roy Williams
Terrell Owens
Jason Witten
Terence Newman
Marion Barber III
Greg Ellis

Greg Ellis
a. takes blocking pressure off Ware
b. outstaning force player against the run allowing corner to truly play pass first
c. defense went down the drain without him last year

Marion Barber

Bradie James, Wossman High (Monroe, La.), LSU, Cowboys LB

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