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December 03, 2007

Poor, dateless Tony

Romo America's newest ladies man was without a date to teammate Terrell Owen's birthday bash on Monday night.

Tony Romo showed up by himself, and eventually bear-less, on the Red Carpet. But there were plenty of media inquiries for him.

Where was his date? "I'm dateless tonight," said Romo.

Asked about recent reports of a burgeoning relationship between him and pop starlet Jessica Simpson, Romo simply stated, while grinning sheepishly, "I'm not talking about my personal life tonight."

Romo was missing one very important thing, though. His teddy bear donation.

When asked where his teddy bear was, Romo claimed, "I don't know! Someone outside took it!"

Uh huh ... likely story ...

-- Keeli Garza


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I really thought Tony Romo was alot smarter guy then that but i was wrong, when he was a simple back up Q.B. Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, etc. did not even look at him, since signing that big deal all the rich female hounds are behind him, my prediction is that Jessica Simpson will clean him out of that big contract soon, then we will see what will happen, stick to what you know Tony find yourself a good woman, those girls are pros they been in the game[ players game that is ] alot longer then you have, get out while you are ahead, and enjoy the game that you love

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