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December 16, 2007

Postgame quotables, Jerry Jones version

On the team's record: This is as good a record that the Cowboys have had at this point. I know everybody's in here disappointed because this was a home game and we could have done some other good with it, but we've just got to really realize what this feels like and what it'd feel like if you did this in a playoff game.

On his assessment of the team today: Apart from the fact that we'd like to be 13-1, our defense played well enough to win. Offensively, we all know we can execute and score touchdowns, so we've got a good team. We just played a good team and we knew that coming in and they played well out there today. That's the way I look at it. I'd hate to play Philadelphia in the playoffs -- they're a good team.

On if Romo was distracted:
Let's just give Philadelphia some credit. We don't want to make any excuses, but we'd like to play better. We just have to play better is the only thing I can say. You'd like to have gone 15-1, but we know how difficult that is to d. You're going to get beat in the NFL, but I just hate that we got beat here at home. But we have two more games and I'd rather have this memory now then have it in the playoffs.


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