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December 16, 2007

Postgame quotables, Cowboys defense version

Marcus Spears: You really can't get frustrated because it's a team game and offensively, we have been struggling a little bit. 15 games you have to play together. ... We just re-dedicated ourselves over the week, we knew that we definitely had to play better than we did the last game, especially going into the playoffs. We have to play a lot better than last week and we just went back to the basics just doing what we know we need to do.

Chris Canty: It was nothing, just a little tweak in the knee. That's something that a little ice will fix and we'll be ready to go on Tuesday. ... Mr. Jones says we are off to the best start in franchise history. He said we just don't want to have this feeling in the playoffs. We are going to remember this feeling and go back to work on Tuesday to try to avoid ever feeling like this again this season. ... Injuries are a part of the sport. They happen. We have confidence in guys; everyone on this team has been called upon, can play and can produce. When your number is called, you have to step up and play. ... I don't think we played well on defense, personally. I think we made a lot of mistakes and some plays the took advantage of those mistakes and made some plays. I don't think we played that great, particularly.

DeMarcus Ware: If we held them to ten points, that doesn't matter. We should have held them to five. We are always going to feel like we don't play as well on defense. We have to hold them to less than ten points for them to win, and we didn't do that. So we didn't play well. ... You always need those momentum things, turnovers, some type of sack or momentum builder. We didn't have a lot of those this game. I'm not saying that was the reason we lost, but those are big factors ... It's just a feeling of we are losers right now, but we are winners if you at the end, if you look at our record. I think it will make us work a little bit harder going into next week. We need to redeem ourselves and get that motivation going into the playoffs. ... Sometimes we feel more comfortable at home, but that is a true statement. All that adversity from our opposing teams makes you feel a little bit better, so you never know. ... I don't think it's frustration. I just don't think we played as well as we could and I think we just have to get ready for next week. We have to get ready for the playoffs and get that momentum back from this game and how we are going to bounce back.

Greg Ellis: We are not going to let it effect us. Obviously, we didn't go out there and play our best football today. But we just have to have a good week of practice next week. We have to go to Carolina and have a better performance and get momentum going back with us again. ... We got in his face, but you know McNabb. He hurt us by running the football. So you credit him and he shows the signs of a good champion in him and he showed it today. ... Better to lose now then in the playoffs, but there's a fine line there. You realize how you don't want to fall. Good thing we get to go back and play again, but kind of a bad feeling is that you want to be careful because you want to have confidence going into the playoffs. ... I don't see how you can be complacent in the NFL myself. ... If we score 12 and we hold them to 10, then yeah, you are happy with the defense. But unfortunately, we came up on the other end of the spectrum this week. It's hard to be pelased with a loss, you're not going to be pleased with a loss.


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