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December 16, 2007

Postgame quotables, Wade Phillips version

"Well, we haven't had this feeling in a while. You know, obviously we didn't play the best game. It's a division opponent, so you know each other pretty well. They played well. We didn't play well. [Brian] Westbrook's certainly a great player. We held him down most of the game, but he came through with some plays at the end. He made some plays, and offensively, it was mistake after mistkae. We had an opportunity to make plays; we had opportunities to get ahead and certainly win the game, but we didn't end up doing it. So that's where we are."

On Tony Romo's performance: Well, you know you're not going to have a great game every week. I think they did a great job against us. We didn't do well enough protecting the quarterback. We got sacked four times and that's not normal for us. The first game we played them, they didn't even come close to us. I though their pressure certainly hurt us this game.

Is Tony Romo hurt? I don't think so.

On the defense only giving up 10 points and losing the game:
Well, we've won by giving up 35 (points). It's a team effort, that's what it takes to win. Each individual game is only a piece. So our defense didn't play well enough to win the game. We had to hold them to six or less.

On the extent of Andre Gurode's injury: I don't know anything about any of the injuries. You know, we got about three guys hurt in the game. We will have to wait and see.

On concerns about the team's performance in the last two weeks:
We've played well enough to win 12 games. We didn't play well enough to win this one, so that's where we are 12-2.

On the loss helping the team in the long run:
Well, there aren't many good losses, but we're going to go back and rededicate ourselves and get ready to play the next ballgame. We got a short week this week. I think our guys are the right kind of people. I think they will fight hard, come back and rededicate themselves and be ready to go.

On Brad Johnson warming up on the sidelines: I don't know anything about that.

On what offensive mistakes he saw today: Sacks. Interceptions. Fumbles - those are mistakes.

Was Philadelphia's success from scheme or was it because Romo was having a bad day?
I would ahve to look at the tapes to see exactly what did or didn't happen. Their guy didn't have much better. He got sacked four times. He just didn't throw any interceptions, which we knew he wouldn't. We just had more turnovers than he did.

Did you think of switching quarterbacks at any point? No. I didn't have any idea what he (Brad Johnson) was doing, but we wouldn't switch the quarterback.

On Andre Gurode's injury and its affect on the offense: I felt we went for it on fourth down and made it. And maybe that would be the difference there, and we didn't take advantage of that. Anytime you have an all-star caliber player go out it hurts you some. And certainly the calls, and protection and so forth.

On Terrell Owens not being a factor: We didn't get the ball to our best player. That concerns me. We didn't run the ball well enough, we didn't play well enough.


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