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December 16, 2007

Postgame quotables, Tony Romo version

On dealing with the loss: It's frustrating. There's a lot of competitive guys on this football team, and you don't work very hard throughout the week to go in and lose a ballgame. It's frustrating.

On when he suffered the thumb injury:
I don't know. I'm not sure. I think it was in the middle of the game somewhere. I think I hit it on a helmet. I don't know what it was.

Is he worried about the injury? I threw the ball, so if I can throw it at some point, I can throw it next time.

Did he feel his game was off at the beginning? I think the Eagles did a great job tonight. They had a really good scheme tonight and they did a good job. Really, they had a couple of things go their way that you can't account for. Sometimes, it was like a defensive lineman jumping in a window right when we're passing it. On a couple of third downs, they did that twice. Those are just things we can't account for.

Romo's assessment of his play and the play of the offense: They did a great job, obviously, and put a lot of defensive pressure on us. We didn't handle it as well as we've been. It's frustrating because I played poorly and I wished I had played better. I take the blame for some of it. We made way too many mental mistakes tonight. This was probably our highest mental errors for our team, offensively at least, and their defense did an outstanding job tonight.


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My goodness Tony leave the starlets at hom if you remember last year when you brought Carrie underwood the results were just the same

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