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December 13, 2007

Seahawks change snapper

The Seattle Seahawks, a potentital roadblock for the Cowboys' Super Bowl destiny, signed former Cowboys long snapper Jeff Robinson to replace the erratic Boone Stutz, the Associated Press reported Wednesday. Stutz, from Arlington Martin High School and Texas A&M, played eight games with Seattle, which signed him to replace Derek Rackley.

Why Stutz was replaced, according to the AP: "Stutz was powerful -- too powerful. His snaps got back quickly but often not in the right place, like a fastball pitcher who lacked control. He was especially wild on field goals. Punter Ryan Plackemeier, also the field-goal holder, often had to reach for the ball and then rush a placement. That contributed to a mini-slump by place-kicker Josh Brown, who is usually automatic."

The Seahawks have managed to win five consecutive games with this distraction.


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