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December 03, 2007

T.O. talks fashion


Terrell Owens is easily one of the best dressed athletes in the world. He's known for taking style risks (argyle sweaters, anyone?) and isn't afraid to make a statement - much like the white sports coat emblazoned with a Cowboys star that he wore to this year's ESPY awards.

For his birthday party at the Glass Cactus, Owens (pictured above, with his lovely mother Marilyn Heard) wore a velvet tuxedo with satin trim and double flap pockets, along with a percale-print pleated tuxedo shirt and, what's quickly becoming a signature accessory of his, a Windsor-knotted wide tie.

Given time to ask Terrell Owens one question, I knew immediately what it was. Luckily, Owens was nice enough to take the time out from his birthday festivities to answer a few fashion-related questions.

KG: Who dresses you? Or do you pick out your own clothes?
TO: I pick out most of my clothes. I think I'm a pretty good dresser.

KG: You're one of the best-dressed athletes in sports. Have you ever thought about starting your own clothing line? Lots of athletes are doing that these days ...
TO: People have asked me about that. I've thought about it. My mom made a lot of clothes when I was growing up, so I know she instilled that in me.

KG: OK, name your most favorite thing in your closet. Shoes. Shirt. Anything.
TO: Just give me a pair of gym shorts any day. Just shorts.

-- Keeli Garza


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