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December 25, 2007

Your Turn: Start or sit?

Wade Phillips isn't tipping his hand as to what players might sit out the final regular-season game against the Redskins on Sunday. But we know that you have an opinion.

Your Turn: Play head coach for a day and tell us who you would start and sit on Sunday. Leave your lists in the comments below, and be sure to include your name and where you're from. We might just run your lists in the Star-Telegram's Daily Ticket page.


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Was well written

The only way I can see any player resting the whole game is for him to be placed on the inactive list from the "get-go" and thus, not dressing at all. Correspondingly, I anticipate all "normal" starters to play at least the whole first half of the game; simply because the 45-man gameday roster doesn't allow for enough bodies to sit all of your starters.

With that being said, here is the list of the 8 inactives that I've come up with & it takes into account the injured & banged up players along with the anticipated desire to rest some players in the second half. Here's my list:

Andre Gurode
Terrance Newman
Terrell Owens
Jay Ratliff
Pat Watkins
Evan Oglesby
Justin Rogers
James Marten

I think typical inactives such as Tyson Thompson, Isiah Stanback, Doug Free, & Joe Berger will suit up this week & have an opportunity for extended play in the second half so that guys like Barber, Crayton & Glenn, Leonard Davis &/or Kosier, and Flozell Adams &/or Columbo will have an opportunity to sit in the second half.

We have so much resting in the regular season games anymore its taken the steam out of everyone. we never see a game anymore were theres someone who has played the whole game except for the QB. thats because hes so protected by penaltys its overbearing. so play everyone thats not injured and rest those who are week.
starting lineup.
Romo, julious, (all game) rest T.O keep the other wides in.
start both T.E. play both offense and deffensive lines, no subbing unless hurt. bring the toughness back to football.

Rest all your hurt players, Play your starters one half.I would play Glenn for the 1st half or alternate him in the whole game. I would work on the running game, and have Romo throwing to his backs. He needs the practice on throwing short sideline patterns and short passes over the middel to the backs without the ball hitting the them on the feet or soring the ball 6 feet over their heads. I would love to see the Cowboys beat the Redskins,but i would rather see the Cowboys play with a playoff intensity that we saw in the first three quarters of the Packer game on Thanksgiving day.

On offense, start Romo because he's going to need some in game experience working with Glenn, Hurd and Austin if TO doesn't make it back for the 1st playoff game. I'm betting the coaches want to see how much Romo trusts Glenn now. Other than the obvious ones, I'd sit Colombo because he's been noticeably nicked up the last few weeks but he's been a gamer and fought through it.
On defense, sit Henry and Newman because their performance is the key to the secondary. Make Roy Willy play the whole game as punishment for 'horsing around'.

you play everyone who is healthy to play. this is a division rival and we have to knock them out of the playoffs!
we play 60 minutes of Dallas Cowboy football.

On Offense I would play Romo the first half, especially if Terry Glenn plays. I would rest Gurode. I would play Barber the whole game and sit Jones just to see how Barber would handle taking 27 or so snaps. Of course T.O. is out, so you play Glenn maybe the first half, Crayton, Hurd, Austin, and Witten.
On Defense I would play Tank Johnson the whole game just to see how he does and rest Ratliff. Rest Newman, I wouldn't completely rest Ellis, but I would alternate between him and Spencer. Maybe even alternate Bradie James with Spencer some in the middle and see what happens.
This is a good opportunity to move some guys around a little bit. It would also be a good opportunity to install some trick plays, which we never do. I say let's shake it some and see where it leads us. Never let the enemy think they got us figured out. Oh yeah, and never let em see you sweat.
Crank it up Boys, this is your time in the lime light.

Sit TO (obviously), Gurode, Newman, Ratliff, Watkins, Barber (after he gets his 1000 yards), Witten (after his 100'th catch), Romo (and rest of starters after 1st half).

Romo - Play one qtr or a half to get rhythm Austin and Glenn.
Roy Williams - Play entire game to get his rhythm back after missing a game.
Newman - Sit to heal.
All other injured players sit.
All other starters play quarter or a half to keep game rhythm.

I would play all the backups. There may not be enough to fill all 22 starting positions, so the healthier starters may have to play. I suggest this for two reasons. Number one, I want the starters to rest and not get injured. Number two, I would like to beat the Redskins. I believe the reserves have something to prove and will play with more ferocity. Many haven't played in a regular season game all year and/or worried about their position on the team next year. I would rather see motivated players on the field against Washington.

On the offensive line, Berger, Free, Proctor, etc. deserve a chance. Start Thompson or Jones at back. They both have something to prove. Start Austin and Stanback at receiver. Start Fasano or Curtiss at tight end. On defense, I would start Johnson, Burnett, Ball, etc. You know the drill. Motivation counts.

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