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January 05, 2008

Another Cowboys staffer joins the Dolphins

The Cowboys lost another staffer Saturday, but it wasn’t Jason Garrett.

Assistant director of pro scouting Brian Gaine, in his third season with the Cowboys, left the team to join the Miami Dolphins’ scouting department.

Gaine followed former Cowboys vice president of college and pro scouting Jeff Ireland, who became the Dolphins’ general manager on Wednesday.

When Cowboys owner Jerry Jones allowed Bill Parcells, the Dolphins new vice president of football operations, to hire Ireland, he did so with the understanding that the Dolphins might come after Tony Sparano, but Jones expected his scouting department to remain intact.

He even said the presence of Gaine and assistant director of college scouting Tom Ciskowski would allow the team to move on without Ireland. But that changed when Gaine asked to join Parcells and Ireland in Miami.

According to a source, a frustrated Jones granted Gaine his wish Friday.

-- Clarence E. Hill, Jr


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Was Gaine under contract? Was he under consideration for Ireland's old job? Did he get a promotion with the 'Phins?

This might look like the repeat of 1990s. Everyone is claiming credits for the success. But of course, Jones is the owner and GM, so everyone is leaving, coaches and scouts.

But it is different from 1990s. At that time, they won 3 super bowls. Right now, they have not won a single damn playoff game. The team has already started to be dis-integrated. Parcells has determined to dismantle this team to prove he was the MAN who built the team.

Sparano will bring a few coaches with him!!! It will happen. Jones must try to get something in return. Otherwise, half of the staff will go to Miami. Now, if Garret also gets a head coaching job, very few coaches will remain, most of them will go with the two new coaches. Dallas has to re-build the offense staff. Romo will have to get the third offense system. That is not good.

Jerry said Gaine was probably going to leave on his radio show last week, and Jerry didn't sound too frustrated at the time. According to Jerry he already had a plan in place to cover Gaine's departure.

keep raiding the cowboys lord tuna hire bowles for dc next and in free agency add reeves hamlin adams and jones go dolphins but to all you boys fans i am rooting for you to beat new england in the superbowl!

Reply to Dave : this team will continue to flop around like a fish on dry land.

If 13-3 is flopping around like a fish on dry land then give me more..

Jerry must acknowledge the expertise that other people bring to the Dallas Cowboys organization. Until he does, this team will continue to flop around like a fish on dry land.

I hope this is a wake-up call for Jerry. He is a salesman 24/7 and he has marketed the Cowboys into a $1.5 billion franchise.

He's a great owner and marketer, but he does not fully understand the football side of the team. I'm sure he can learn, but it'll take another 20 years - just like it would take a guy like Parcells 20 years to learn marketing like Jerry knows it.

Wake up Jerry and let football people run the football side and let marketing people run the sales side.

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