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January 17, 2008

Garrett Staying

After being offered two head coaching positions, Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett is deciding to stay put with the team.

According to an NFL source, Garrett has made his decision and passed on both the head coaching offers made by the Ravens and Falcons.

It was becoming fairly obvious after he left Baltimore for a second interview on that he would not take that position. The same with Atlanta; a coach normally doesn't leave a place hurriedly if he intends to accept the job.

It's believed Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made a lucrative offer to keep Garrett; as to whether or not he guaranteed Garrett will be the Cowboys next head coach is uncertain. It would be a violation of league rules, but under-the-table deals are seldom public knowledge.

-- Mac Engel


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For an inventive guy he sure blew it in the last month of the season. What ever happened to the two step drop pass? We always wanted to take a five step drop. What about getting Owens in motion to get a better jump on pass routes? Do we not even have a slant like Michael Irving's in the play book? Somebody needs to tell Romo to not just hand the ball off and turn and watch the runner. The Cowboy play fakes are the worst in the league. Finally if your defense is getting tired do not try to schore as quickly as possible.(ie the Patriots game) Let your offense pound the ball and run time off the clock.

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